Club History

We've been around for 35 years now - that's a fair amount of past history! Below are some of the results from the different championships and classes over the years. If you're an old member from years ago and you can help extend the history back and fill in some of the results we're missing we'd much appreciate it.

The VW Pro championship is open to cars that run quarter mile times of 12.99 seconds or under.
YearWinnerRunner Up
2023Ed KeechGraham Fairhead
2022Graham FairheadJames Hodson
2021James HodsonAdrian Solly
2020 Covid CupJames HodsonCarl Goldsmith
2019Paul BargateCarl Goldsmith
2018Paul BargateSam Chisholm-Brown
2017James GouldNatalie Wood
2016Paul HerbertSam Young
2015James HodsonSam Young
2014James HodsonJacob Bailey
2013Matt AttwoodJacob Bailey
2012James HodsonPaul Herbert
2011Phil NormanSam Young
2010Matt AttwoodJames Hodson
2009James HodsonRich Merriman
2008James HodsonPhil Norman
2007Glynn MorganNeil 'Dude' Ellis
2006Glynn MorganMartin Charles
2005Glynn MorganNigel Green
2004Ken BlomerRuss Fellows
2003Russ FellowsJustin Aldred
2002Paul JacksonScott Evison
2001Scott EvisonNigel Green
2000Jim SmithNigel Green
The VW Sportsman championship is open to cars that run quarter mile times of 13 seconds and over.
YearWinnerRunner Up
2023Paul RobinsonAndrew Bambrick
2022Paul RobinsonPhil Jones
2021Rob CresswellJon Crawford
2020 Covid CupMorgan WilsonRob Creswell
2019Jon CrawfordHolly Sanders
2018Polly JudgeJon Crawford
2017Holly SandersAndy Voce
2016Paul DayDave Lea
2015Paul HerbertRoss Brown
2014Ed KeechAdrian London
2013Jason AnslowLuke Stevenson
2012Dean ClatworthyLuke Stevenson
2011Matt Bennett-SimeJames London
2010Russ WeirMatt Bennett-Sime
2009Lucy MatthewsRuss Weir
2008Spencer TrammChris Bray
2007Paul HerbertMartin Ayton
2006Paul HerbertGraham Fairhead
2005Paul HerbertChris Bray
2004Michael GeraghtyGraham Fairhead
2003Stuart HindsGraham Fairhead
2002Stuart HindsNatasha Garcia
2001Neil RobinsonMartin Ayton
2000Catherine BishopStephen Lee
2023Dave Henderson
2022Dave Henderson
2021Jacob Bailey
2019Sam Chisholm-Brown
The Rookie of the year trophy is awarded to the newcomer that scores the highest number of points in their first season.
2023Caitlin Wilson
2022Jerry Sadler
2021Jack Gooding
2019Jon McGarrigle
2018Joshua Simpson
2017Lee Brown
2016Stephen Roberts
2015Ross Brown
2014Ed Keech
2013Jason Anslow
2012Steve Pugh
2011James London
2010Matt Bennett-sime
2009Lucy Matthews
2008James Hodson
2007Steve Parfit
2006Simon Bailey
2005Abi Tether
2004Nick Hartwell
2003Graham Fairhead
The Becky Sutton trophy is voted for by the members, and is awarded for services above and beyond to the club and the club spirit.
2023Laurence Clark
2022Abi Tether
2021Luke Stevenson
2019Paul Jackson
2018Luke Stevenson
2017Luke Stevenson
2016Luke Stevenson
2015Luke Stevenson
2014Luke Stevenson
2013Luke Stevenson
2012Luke Stevenson
2011Luke Stevenson
2010Abi Tether
2009Abi Tether
2008Abi Tether
2007Brian Burrows
2006Andy Kelly
2005Spencer Tramm
2004Spencer Tramm
2003Spencer Tramm
2002Cath Bishop
2023James Gould
2022Rob Carter
2021Paul Jackson
2019Carl Goldsmith
2018Jacob Bailey
2017Jay Turnock
2016Sam Young
2015Shaun Hyde
2014Paul Jordan
2013Paul Jordan
2012Wayne Allman
2011Sam Young
2010Sam Young
2009Rich Merriman
2008James Hodson
The Driver of the year Trophy is voted for by members.
2023Ed Keech
2022Graham Fairhead
2021Paul Jackson
2019Paul Bargate
2018Paul Bargate
2017Natalie Wood
2016Paul Herbert
2015Paul Herbert
2014Ed Keech
2013Matt Attwood
2012Dennis Cox
2011Lucy Matthews
2010Russ Weir
2009Lucy Matthews
2008James Hodson
2007Graham Fairhead
2006Paul Herbert
2005Glynn Morgan
2004Spencer Tramm
2003Graham Fairhead
2002Stuart Hu
2001Stephen Lee
2000Jim Smith
1999Paul Jackson
1998Paul Sutton
1997Russ Fellows
This is awarded to the highest consistent qualifier over the course of the season.
2023Jerry Sadler
2021Laurence Clark
2019Holly Sanders
2018Polly Judge
2017Ed Keech
2016Paul Herbert
2015Sam Young
2014Adrian London
2013Jacob Bailey
The Alternate Engine championship is no longer, but was open to cars with non-VW/VAG engines.
YearWinnerRunner Up
2008Scott EvisonMatt Attwood
2007Mark SkeenMatt Attwood
2006Matt FinneyMark Skeen
2005Spencer TrammMatt Attwood
2004Spencer TrammMark Skeen
2003Matt Attwood 
2002Matt Attwood 
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